The end of a big day. We had been expecting a dinner hosted by the local mentseekhang people tonight, for our team and to honor Richie. Somewhere along the way it morphed to inviting all the mid and life people, to a dinner at the guest house, then somehow the abbots of the monastery system here took over without anyone really telling us. So there was a big fancy ceremonial dinner and then all the bigwigs were taken away from the mentseekhang group kind of, well, unceremoniously, for another ceremony. So then we had to drag Richie back in to be honored by the doctors, by which time he looked pretty tired so we tried to prevent the grafting on of a Q and A session. Anyway it was a long full day and now I’m hoping for a better sleep, thanks to St. Barry’s telling me that the little things in the outlets, which I had got rid of to make room for charging this, are not air fresheners but mosquito repellents. And also to turn the fan on to keep them away from me. So there is the low cost mosquito advice; take that, Nathan Mhyrvold!

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