HHDL: I want to share my concern about secular ethics.
Every religion teaches love and compassion, but most religious people don’t care. So religion is somewhat corrupted.

Education is very advanced now. Over 200 million people killed in war in 20th century. People are using the benefits if science and education wrongly too, so science has also contributed enormously to suffering.

I am Buddhist, so maybe I am biased. I think it is a valuable approach, but Buddhism will never be a universal religion. So education is the only hope.

If education in moral ethics linked to religious faith, then problems. So the only option is secular ethics.

Any moral ethics must come from intelligence, not faith. First explain as academic subject, what I call map of mind, emotions. Then some emotions a bad for health, family, community. Then how to deal with these. Then moral ethics comes. Some emotions are harmful, some are helpful. Hygiene of emotions, just like hygiene of physical.

Pointing at Sona: I’m jealous because you have already implemented this. Tibetan schools have not implemented this. So you are the pilots.

We are facing desperate situation, no choice. Making more money cannot solve this. More scientific technology can help, but cannot solve it. Problem starts from the heart.

Once we develop awareness through secular education, then all religions can become more stronger. So in my book ethics beyond religion, I mentioned the title isn’t my choice, I feared some people might get impression the subject is something more secret than religion. Subject I am presenting is basis of all religious traditions, but itself is not based on religion.

I couldn’t catch the last bit but I think it was summarizing. Now he says human right is lunch…

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