Buddhist Geeks conference

Two years ago my good friend and colleague Willoughby Britton suggested I go to the Buddhist Geeks conference in Los Angeles. This year it's in Boulder, and I came to attend the conference and also visit the lab of Tor Wager, who is the social and affective neuroscience researcher I admire most, and who appears to have an interest in our meditation research. (More on that in another post.) I also came here to promote a crowd funding campaign for my research, which will go live soon on Microryza.

The talks have begun. Right now I'm listening to Lodro Rinzler, a young Shambhala teacher who looks quite the hipster. But I'm liking his talk. He is emphasizing the importance of learning meditation and dharma practice within a supporting community, the sangha. This is a big issue with all the Buddhist modernism going on.

All this is being webcast live, and archived. I'm not going to try to provide thorough coverage of this conference because there are probably two dozen other people doing that… And the whole thing is webcast anyway. But I will try to offer a little bit of what I think is helpful.

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